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Extreme Lesbian Bdsm Clip

The episode taken from THIS SITE

Extreme Lesbian Bdsm

One of the bonuses of producing Electro Sluts is the access to all the fresh submissive meat that comes through Kink’s door. Little compare to the wide-eyed amazement of a brand-new 20 years old girl who thinks she knows all about sex, but then discovers that she may very well be mistaking badly.

Speaking of new girls, Cassandra comes to my office to apply for extreme lesbian bdsm shoot. However, rather that enjoying her myself, I decide to share the fun with my girls and invite Aiden and Isis along.

The two tear her apart and abuse her just as expected of them in this lesbian bdsm clip. They assault her pussy with the acrylic plug, our favorite electrified toy, then bore her asshole with anal speculums, which spreads her o-ring for upcoming inspection. Isis and Aiden also show Cassandra a difference between taser, the zapper and prod.

Electro Sex Sluts

The episode taken from THIS SITE

Electro Sex Sluts

Liz and Penny are not strangers to electro sex, but it’s the first time where they get to share their experience together under Electro Sluts supervision.

I force thse electro sluts into a standing predicament with copper pipes which are wired and ready to unleash painful electric stings. These pipes are main part of their BDSM, so there’s no chance they can escape being electrocuted.

Their butts are also plugged with thick metal hooks that put additional punishment to the pipes. Both their sphincters contract at the flip of a switch that coupled with the pipe predicament allow me absolute control of their pleasures.

Electro Sluts

Electricity fanatic Bobbi takes newbies to lesbian bondage sex to the heights they haven’t been to before and puts experienced talents of lesbian bdsm through their paces using various electro devices. These include cattle prods, Hitachi machines, copper sheets and wires, wired up butt plugs and pussy clamps that are used together on restrained slaves to pleasure and pain. And make sure Bobbi delivers both in abundance alternating them with a simple flick of a switch until Electro Sluts muscles fatigue from multiple contraptions and holes tire from numerous spasms before displaying defeat with pools of fluid gushing out of them…

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