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Lesbian Bondage Anal Sex

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Lesbian Bondage Anal Sex

Hot and innnocent looking Annabelle is the kind of girl who would consider anal something extremely neat and tidy. Fortunatelly, the first impresison is rarely the right one.

Instear, Annabelle turns out to be the kind of girl who enjoys haveing her limits tested. That’s exactly the sort of attitude we look for at Electro Sluts, where she gets put thorugh plenty of anal-centric lesbian bondage. I fix her to the table with her hands tied up behind her head and legs spread apart. Her boobs are connected to power sulpy with stiky pads and pussy – with metal clamps.

However, the centerpiece of this scene is a wired up anal probe, that I power up while lighting her pussy with a prod and stimulating her clit with a Hitachi Wand. Throughout a symphony of this electro stimulation, with the anal probe in the center of the stage, Annabelle exhibits just how dirty she actually is.